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Workplace Relationships

Relationships in the workplace can potentially cause big problems. They can create unneeded drama that will create big distractions. Distractions that will cause your employees involved or not to be distracted from their work. Overall this will hurt your company because distracted employees will not pay the attention to detail that they should. Emotions in most cases will play a large role in how people act towards one another if someone is emotionally distraught than they will more than likely not be worried about how they treat others, they will have more worries about how they are feeling. Its not really a matter of them being selfish its more that it cannot be held back sometimes emotions cannot be withheld no matter how hard that you try and for some this is really difficult to understand.
As a manager it is important to try to understand why people act the way that they do, weather it be an employee that is going through a bad breakup that is making them very emotional, or even a guest that seems to be complaining that everything is wrong just because they want something for free. It’s a difficult job to be understanding and not lose your temper but somebody has to do it. Without a manager especially in a restaurant environment all hell would break lose because of people losing their tempers.

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Integrity plays a role in everyone’s life, everyone looks at it differently. Some have no integrity weather they would like to admit it or not. And there are other that live their entire lives with the utmost integrity even to the point that it my get them into trouble just to do the right thing but they do it anyways.  Integrity can simply be defined as honesty, if someone is not honest can they ever be trusted again? If someone is caught taking food from the kitchen in a restaurant or something as small as a mint from a car if you are working in valet? It all relates back to integrity, and every manager has a tough decision to make. In both of the situations I just described I have seen people fired, and both times it was their first offence and other than that they had a clean record.

The only way that I can think about this and the reasoning behind why the could have been fired comes down to a few simple things. As a manager if you do not like an employee this may be the perfect situation to get rid of them they were caught in the act doing something that they were not supposed to be doing. But is that the right thing to do? I will leave that up to you. Or maybe you want to make an example of them, to show everyone else that if they do something wrong it could mean their job. Again this could be a very ethical management decision because this means you are putting someone out of work. In any case integrity plays a large role in everyone’s lives some people take it much more seriously than others. Some always keep their word and have a very good reason not to. Then there are other who always say they will do things and never do. Can they be trusted? I will leave you with that..

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