A Happy Customer Is A Good Customer

30 Sep

Sadly enough you can’t make every customer happy.  No matter how hard you try and what you do to try and please everyone there will always be someone that you just can’t please.  Hence the saying “ you can’t please everyone”. Even though the goal is to have everybody’s visit end on a positive note that can’t always happen because there will always be somebody that everything will be wrong for.  Here lies the question, is everything really going wrong or is the customer just trying to get things for free?

Everything that management does for an “unhappy” customer is to try to improve their experience, but are they really unhappy or just looking for something for nothing? This is one of the many challenges a manager of a restaurant faces every day. It is up to management to make the judgment of the person complaining.

Many things go into this judgment, things as simple as weather the person has come in before, or if they have they complained on these visits? What are they complaining about? Is it valid? Is the “hair” in their food theirs or someone at the table? All of which are things that go into the judgment calls managers make on a daily basis when debating weather or not to comp someone’s meal.

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